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August September  2021- Click on this link for the latest issue!

The Eye is a monthly all-English magazine that is distributed throughout the state of Oaxaca.

Our magazine can be found for FREE at hotels, restaurants and community hotspots.

Should you wish to receive copies, advertise or submit some writing or photography, please send us an email at:

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*We do not snail mail hard copies.

3 thoughts on “The Eye”

  1. I just finished “The Town That Saved Me” in your latest issue. Your correspondent wrote “… and another Somali moved in next door…” as a reason for leaving . That is nasty and a blight on your publication. It’s as if I were to write “another Brit moved in next door” to my Canadian home. Mr Pitman should know that such a comment would be not be uncommon in Canada where support for the Monarchy is waning and “Britishness” is often seen as a bit of a joke. But, it too, would be nasty and totally uncalled for. Another point: he refers to the “hillbilly hick town” of Hope, British Columbia and attempts a joke about it. Has he ever been to Hope? It appears not. I know the town well. It has a long history of being the starting point for travels into the vast interior of the province and is no hillbilly hick town. I can only hope that while in Mexico Jed Pitman keeps his penchant for prejudice in check. Either that or find another place to live.


    1. Hi Wes, Thanks for your comment. While I don’t think Mr. Pitman’s statement is nice- it is his opinion. I did not regard it as a blight on our publication- we state clearly that opinions are those of individual writers. We welcome submissions from everyone- he is not a regular contributor or correspondent- but he is a part of our community. The majority of the writers and collaborators on The Eye have very liberal-minded politics and often express them. Rather, than a blight, I think it shows our openness to differing opinions. Best, Jane Bauer- Editor


  2. My wife & I visited Huatulco in 2016, and found it to be an amazing place! While we were there, we to the crocodiles & turtles tour with Alfonso, and finished the day with him being our friend. He gives 10% of every tour to help with local community needs. Would it be possible for you to print some information about him in your magazines? His website is, and he is an amazing guide. His English, and knowledge of the area are great as well.


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