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December 2012

December 2012
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Huatulco’s New Dance Academy

By Brooke Gazer

Huatulco has moved up another rung on the cultural ladder with the opening of Teresa Sanchez’s “Academia Profesional de Danza Corsan”. Teresa has been offering classes in Ballet and Modern Jazz at “The Casa de Cultura” over the past five years but as more of the beginners moved into the intermediate levels, a larger space was required. With some help from her husband, she was finally able to open the new dance academy on Calle Cocotillo. Teresa brings a wealth of dance experience to our community and we are fortunate to have her among us. Continue reading Huatulco’s New Dance Academy

Grassroots Micro-finance in Oaxaca: Fundación en Vía

By Alvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.

Four years ago Juana, a resident of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca’s main rug village, was earning virtually nothing selling the odd bottle of soda pop or package of gum out of her family’s narrow, halfempty storefront. Today, with the assistance of small, interest-free loans facilitated through $50 USD donations from tourists visiting Oaxaca, she earns a decent living as the proprietor of a handicrafts store filled with colorful handwoven wool rugs, tapestries and handbags. Continue reading Grassroots Micro-finance in Oaxaca: Fundación en Vía

Books as Gifts: Ideas for Christmas

By Carole Reedy

For many of us there’s no greater gift than an actual hard-bound book. While electronic reading has moved to the forefront (severely affecting sales of print books and the well-being of small bookstores), with a printed book we can fondle, examine the cover, read the inside biographical information about the author, flip through the pages, put it down, pick it up…and anticipate the first page. As giver and shopper, the experience is equal: the joy of going to the bookstore, browsing the shelves, and eventually landing on just the right book to match the recipient–a dear friend, colleague, or family member. Here are just a few suggestions for Christmas giving. Enjoy the search! Continue reading Books as Gifts: Ideas for Christmas

The End of the World

By Marcia Chaiken and Jan Chaiken

December 2012 has arrived, and some say if you don’t read this article before the 21st, you will have missed your chance. According to those people, December 21st is the last day ever on the Mayan calendar– the day the world will end.

From the earliest times to the present, predictions of the end of the world have always captured enough attention to sell books, gain followers for a leader, inspire works of art, literature, or music, and boost tourism to the place where the end is coming. But if you are more interested in being correct than in momentary fame or wealth, you know it is not prudent to predict the end of the world on a certain day – if you are right, no one will be around to recognize your accomplishment, and if you are wrong, everyone will know. Continue reading The End of the World

Winner of The Eye Short Story Contest! The Source

By Donna Corns

You’re in the jungle. It’s day two of intermittent rain and the air in the rustic cabana clings to you, such that no part of your bodily surface wants contact with any other. The fresh air outside cannot come through the mosquito screens, though somehow the mosquitoes have found a way in. You readjust your position to find a clear space on the springy bed – somewhere between recently purchased items and articles in dire need of a wash. The novel you’re reading is not escapism enough. Consciousness is disturbed. A faint but very distinct odor, as of something in an advanced state of decay, hovers like a blurred shadow in the corner of your mind. It is most noticeable when you move. Continue reading Winner of The Eye Short Story Contest! The Source

A Housing Project for UNA Volunteers

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.24.46 AM

By Brooke Gazer

Un Nuevo Amanacer (UNA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping disabled children of the Huatulco region for the past fifteen years. They provide ongoing therapy to about 110 children annually; assisting with problems which include hearing and speech impairment, neurological and cognitive disorders, and a variety of physical disabilities. (See Dec 2011 issue for more details). UNA has a part time physiotherapist and four full time teachers but this is not nearly enough. Continue reading A Housing Project for UNA Volunteers

December in D.F: A Time to Celebrate and Reflect

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.14.04 AM

By Carol Reedy

Mexican holidays are a mix of emotions. Underlying the boisterous parties and celebrations are quieter pursuits: silence, reflection, respect, and prayer.

It all starts December 12 and continues until January 6. In D.F., thousands of brilliant red poinsettias line the streets of Reforma, and decorations adorn every part of the city. Closer to Christmas, nacimientos (manger scenes) find a home on Reforma also.

Trying to conduct business in the capital during this time? Take a pass—it won’t happen. It is also wise to make hotel and restaurant reservations far in advance. There’s something for everyone and, as is the tradition in this great city, many of the events are free of charge to the public. Continue reading December in D.F: A Time to Celebrate and Reflect