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The Short-But-Sweet Short Story

By Carole Reedy

When asked about short stories, many lovers of novels, biographies, and history find themselves expressing indifference or dissatisfaction for the genre. “I don’t read short stories” or “I don’t care for them” are not unusual responses. Continue reading The Short-But-Sweet Short Story

Poblano Pie

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 4.57.30 PMBy Julie Etra

This recipe has no particular ethnicity or origin but is really a fairly simple quiche that uses poblano chilies instead of flour for the crust. It is not spicy as in ‘hot’ or ‘picante’ but the poblanos lend a smoky, rich flavor, and crunchy texture. Every time I have made it has been a hit, and can be served hot or cold, and garnished with your favorite salsa or eaten plain. The only trick is matching quantities with your pie plate, and you definitely want to use a pie plate as when the peppers are roasted, pealed, split open with seeds and membranes removed, they are then placed in the pan with the stem or wide end along the rim, and narrow end towards the center, just like a slice of pie. Add more or less onion and garlic, according to your palette. Continue reading Poblano Pie