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Your Handy Guide to Holiday Shopping in Huatulco

By Deborah Van Hoewyk

So here you are in Huatulco, and it’s hot and sunny, and it’s hard to pick out the poinsettias from the bugambilias and flamboyants. Only a few Christmas carols are making it through the mariachi Muzak at the supermarket. But . . . you’re shortly due back in the land of holiday celebrations. Is it possible to shop for gifts that rise above souvenir status? Oh, most definitely! Continue reading Your Handy Guide to Holiday Shopping in Huatulco

Plans for Mexico City’s New Airport

By Julie Etra

Mexico City’s airport is fast becoming obsolete and inefficient, and being a major Latin American hub for business and tourism, the government has been painfully aware of the need for a new, modern facility for years. And having just flown through Distrito Federal (D.F., Mexico City) on my way to Huatulco, I can personally attest to this need. Although Terminal 2 is not even a decade old, the existing facility has reached capacity and planning for the new airport goes back to the administration of Vicente Fox. Statistics show that in 2012 the Benito Juárez International Airport served a record 29.5 million passengers, by far the country’s busiest airport. The facility has outgrown its location and as has occurred in many circumstances elsewhere in the world, the city has grown up and around the airport since its construction in the 1920s. With only two poorly laid out runways, simultaneous takeoffs and landings are precluded, greatly limiting service. Continue reading Plans for Mexico City’s New Airport

Editor’s Letter

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.59.38 PMBy Jane Bauer

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Migration is the regular seasonal movement, often north and south, undertaken by many species of birds…. humans. It’s the time of year when friendly and familiar faces return to the warmer climate offered in Southern Mexico; trading snow-shovelling for snorkeling, winter stews for ceviches and hot toddies for cold beer. With more flights than ever before, it is sure to be a busy season with first-timers discovering the beauty the state of Oaxaca has to offer as well as regulars. Continue reading Editor’s Letter

Remembering Neal Erickson

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.32.08 PMBy Jane Bauer
A strong presence in our community, Neal Erickson, passed away on October 10th. Neal was an avid musician, community supporter, Downton Abbey fan and a true friend who was always ready to lend a hand.

In the top photo Neal was the ‘first sale of the day’ at a library fundraiser. He hung this painting over his kitchen doorway and recently told me how much joy it brought him. Neal also made a generous contribution to last year’s event to raise money to buy computers for the local library.

We often joked that he should write the Neal Erickson Bachelor Cookbook- his specialties were making Chilaquiles with Doritos and adding tacos al pastor to a can of beans for a hearty stew.

I am sure that everyone who knew him has their own wonderful Neal Erickson moments. I am honored to have been his friend and he will be greatly missed in our community.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.28.01 PM

En Flânant About the Colonia de Condesa, Mexico City

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 5.57.44 PMBy Carole Reedy

One of the most delicious days of the month is when friend Barbara and I stroll the streets of the trendy colonias of Condesa and Roma with no intent. We have come to refer to these afternoons as our flaneuring days. As in, “Barbara, would you care to go flaneuring about Condesa next week?” The correct term, of course is en flânant, but we enjoy using our made-up term. Continue reading En Flânant About the Colonia de Condesa, Mexico City

The Hanging Doll of Sierra Norte – An excerpt from the book ‘Oh Oaxaca’

By Geri Anderson

On the way to lunch prepared by women of the village, I spotted her– a white baby doll with blond hair– hanging from a pole on a rooftop, a noose around her neck. Sequins on her white satin dress sparkled in the midday sun. I asked people at my table if they had noticed the doll swaying in the breeze. No one had–or didn’t want to talk about it. Continue reading The Hanging Doll of Sierra Norte – An excerpt from the book ‘Oh Oaxaca’