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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.16.14 PMBy Julie Etra

We all love the vast expanses of grass and those showy African tulip planted and maintained by the legions of FONATUR workers; mowing, weeding and watering constantly. However, there are numerous native and adapted species that require much less work and maintenance and can be clustered to take less work and water during the dry season. The term to describe this is xeriscaping, which refers to landscaping or gardening in a manner that reduces water use. It is often critical in dry climates where water may be scarce, hence the term ‘xeric’, meaning dry. Xeriscaping does not mean zeroscaping. I like to think of it as clustering plants with similar watering requirements; the idea is to be efficient with water. It is fine to have some grass, just consider size and shape as strips are very inefficient and hard to manage. Also consider fruit trees, they make a great focal planting, and make sure you have male and female plants according to the morphology of the species. Continue reading Landscaping

Going Green in Huatulco

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By Kathy Taylor

Fonatur’s first foray into touristic development in 1974 resulted in today’s Cancun – glitzy, sunny and some might say, over-developed. When they cast their eyes to the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca in the 1980s, world and Mexican sentiment had tuned into environmental concerns, and Bahias de Huatulco was chosen to become a model sustainable tourism development.

Bordered by the Coyula and Copalita Rivers, “the master plan for this development considers a polygon of 20,972 hectares, of which 6.35 % are considered a tourist area, 3.45% are an urban area, and 90.19% are an ecological conservation space.” Continue reading Going Green in Huatulco