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The Best Celebrations on the Oaxacan Riviera: You told Us!

By Marcia and Jan Chaiken

While the festivities of Semana Santa were still ringing in our ears, we asked you to give your opinions about the best celebrations on the Oaxacan Riviera. Several, who keep abreast of events by reading the online Huatulco Eye while chilling out in Canada or the U.S,.were frustrated that they knew so little about most Mexican holidays. Said one reader, “unfortunately, our experiences in Mexico so far are so limited that I wasn’t even aware of most of all the listed celebrations. Now we know for sure that we are just going to have to {spend more time in Huatulco.}.” To which we say “come on down” and experience the following celebrations our readers say are the best. Continue reading The Best Celebrations on the Oaxacan Riviera: You told Us!

Under the Sea

By Pat Hudson

If you have never been snorkelling, or even if you are very experienced at the sport, snorkelling is one of the most relaxing ways to explore the local reefs and observe the abundant marine life. While snorkelling, make sure you always keep at least 1 arms length off the coral – this is for your own safety. If you are shallower, you are in danger of being lifted up by a swell, and dropped rather hard onto the coral … not an experience to be repeated. Continue reading Under the Sea

Señorita Manners

You are on holiday, you are meeting new people and even though you may not want to be, you are an ambassador for your entire country, province, state or city back home. Dress accordingly!

In general, Mexican culture is quite conservative when it comes to clothing. Despite the heat on the coast, taxi drivers, hotel employees and business people usually wear long pants. Even at the beach people will often bathe fully clothed. In fashion there is entire 5th season devoted to cruise or resort wear. It is light, easy to pack and breathable, favoring fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and denim. These clothing lines used to be expensive and exclusive, but with warm vacation getaways now the norm for the masses, large scale retailers have responded with beautiful hot weather offerings in the middle of winter. ….So really, you have no excuse to parade around looking less than appropriate and beautiful! Continue reading Señorita Manners

Waves and Tides

Jan Chaiken and Marcia Chaiken

So many ways to enjoy the ocean along the Oaxacan Riviera! Maybe you like to sit or lie on the sand and listen to the waves while you read or daydream. Maybe you enjoy snorkeling while bobbing up and down on the waves. Perhaps you go further out from shore in a boat, for fishing or diving or just cruising. In all of these activities you are affected by the waves and tides but may not give much thought to them – they are just a kind of gentle background to your activities. But if you have ever wondered where the waves come from, or why the tides occur when they do, read on… Continue reading Waves and Tides

10 Reasons I Love DF

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.30.09 PMBy Carole Reedy

The patient people.

“Grace under pressure” are the words author David Lida uses to describe the calmness with which the people of this great metropolis tolerate the long lines and delays they experience daily. Whether it’s waiting in line for voter registration, motor vehicle verification, or a bus, they demonstrate absolute tranquility. No one is huffing and puffing, complaining, or peeking over the heads of the people in front of them to see if the line is moving. If anything, there’s simply a shrug of the shoulders and a quiet ni modo (what can you do?). If you’re late for an appointment, no one chastises you. They wait patiently. If a business isn’t open during designated hours, patrons return at a later time. Remember, mañana means more than just tomorrow (or morning)–it refers to a time somewhere in the future. A favorite word of advice heard on the streets is tranquilo, or be calm. Why not? Continue reading 10 Reasons I Love DF

Junior Sailors

By Kathy Taylor

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.24.39 PMSome breezy Saturday you might have noticed a fleet of tiny sailboats bobbing in the choppy waters of Bahia Chahue, tacking back and forth across the bay, and wondered, rightly so, just who would go out there in such a tiny vessel. Well, the answer is the young sailing students of the Huatulco Sailing School! They are sailing Optimists, a one design boat whose original criterion was that it could be built out of a single sheet of plywood. Daring? Absolutely! But then, according to the IODA (International Optimist Dinghy Association), over 150,000 kids between the ages of 8 and 15 in over 100 countries are sailing these little boats at any given time. An astonishing 85% of the skippers of the medal-winning boats in the 2008 Qingdao, China Olympics were former Optimist sailors. Continue reading Junior Sailors

A Tale of Two Sea Sides

By Brooke Gazer

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.08.18 PM

Growing up in Calgary, a trip to the Pacific Ocean was a really big deal. Before western Canada developed its modern Highway system it took two full days driving to reach Vancouver. The winding drive over the Rocky Mountains, just to the interior of British Columbia was similar to the trip from Oaxaca to Huatulco… except it was a dirt and gravel road. Once we were underway my father stopped for nothing short of a life threatening emergency and since I was prone to car sickness I do not have fond memories of those road trips. None the less, it was worth the suffering to spend a few glorious days in the Pacific surf. Continue reading A Tale of Two Sea Sides

SPRINGTIME IN THE CITY – The Heart and Lungs of México: Chapultepec Park

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.13.42 PMBy Carole Reedy

Bosque de Chapultepec, Grasshopper Hill, Chapultepec Park–all names referring to the wonder of this Garden of Eden, smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. No other city can lay claim to a park that includes nine museums, a zoo, lakes, movies, theater, concerts, a castle, an amusement park, and more. Continue reading SPRINGTIME IN THE CITY – The Heart and Lungs of México: Chapultepec Park

Señorita Manners

You have your plane ticket, the hotel is booked and you have time off work! What more do you need? When visiting another country it is always helpful to get accustomed to the traditions and manners that will be expected of us. Navigating those waters however is not always easy or evident. Despite the “When in Rome….” attitude most people adopt, the Huatulco Eye mailbox fills with readers asking us to please print some guidelines. To be fair most of us don’t know when we have made a major faux pas or paso en falso in español! Continue reading Señorita Manners