Editor’s Letter

What kind of person doesn’t like Spring? She wears off the shoulder sweaters in pastel colors, she has a little skip in her step and when she is happy everything glows. My whole life it seems everyone has been in love with Spring. Her virtues were obvious and the message clear- only the cold hearted could not welcome her with open arms…. well, I am one of those people.

Spring is a messy, showy, in-between kind of girl. Summer, she is the one you call for a good time, you can count on Winter for a cozy night in and when faced with a crisis Autumn is the dependable shoulder to lean on. Spring is just so flighty, not cold enough to stay inside reading a book nor warm enough to picnic in the park. The poster child for fickle; happy one minute, crying the next.

In the north, Spring is slushy feet, half frozen dog poop uncovered and the often broken promise of warmth just around the corner. In Southern Mexico, Spring is windy, suffocatingly hot and it is when we say goodbye to the many friends who spend the coldest months enjoying the beach instead of shoveling the driveway.

The only solution is to go with the flow and be a little flighty myself- and maybe that is what I have been missing all these years. Spring is her own self, honest and open hearted. So stay inside when the sun is shining or have a picnic in the snow if that is what pleases you. Spring would! And Summer is just around the corner!