Painting Day at Huatulco Library

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.03.51 PMBy Jane Bauer

Last month the Huatulco Eye and friends hosted a painting day at the Huatulco Jose Vasconcelos Municipal Library located on Guarumbo in La Crucecita. The task was to get kids to paint an entry for the annual ‘Niño y la Mar’ contest which is put on jointly by Mexico’s Council for Culture and Arts and the Secretary of the Marina- Armada. Each state will have a first prize winner, who will travel (with a parent) to the Presidential home, Los Pinos, and to the Port of Veracruz.

The event was held in the back yard of the library- an area without much to offer. However by hanging a tarp for shade, bringing in tables and chairs and a lot of imagination it was an amazing morning.

Over 110 kids showed up to paint their image of the child and the ocean and their visions were inspiring. The kids were lined up down the street- a testament to how important this space is for the children of this community. Our next task is a remodel of the back area of the library into a safe and usable space for kids.

Interested in being involved, donating funds or ideas? Contact us Thank you to Comex, Casa Reyes, Cristina the librarian, all the volunteers and above all the kids who shared with us their magical way of viewing the world.

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