Señorita Manners

You are on holiday, you are meeting new people and even though you may not want to be, you are an ambassador for your entire country, province, state or city back home. Dress accordingly!

In general, Mexican culture is quite conservative when it comes to clothing. Despite the heat on the coast, taxi drivers, hotel employees and business people usually wear long pants. Even at the beach people will often bathe fully clothed. In fashion there is entire 5th season devoted to cruise or resort wear. It is light, easy to pack and breathable, favoring fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen and denim. These clothing lines used to be expensive and exclusive, but with warm vacation getaways now the norm for the masses, large scale retailers have responded with beautiful hot weather offerings in the middle of winter. ….So really, you have no excuse to parade around looking less than appropriate and beautiful!

Men- Around the town it is imperative that you wear a closed shirt- it is unhygienic and disrespectful to do otherwise. Tank tops? Throw them away! T-shirts with messages about sex and being drunk? These can be offensive to the people around you. Cut off jean shorts or pants with holes? Only for painting the garage. What to wear…. Collared tees, dress shirts, linen pants, khaki shorts, jeans and some comfortable shoes. What to buy…. A classic guayabera available at many shops around town.

Women- If you are further than 100 meters from the ocean or pool throw on a fabulous cover up. Short shorts? If your butt is hanging out the back or you’re fighting off camel toe then your shorts may be too tight. Be sure to wear clothing that protects your chest and use sunscreen. What to wear…. Sundresses, shorts that hit at least mid-thigh, tunics and something that is comfortable and feels great! What to buy…. An embroidered blouse typical of the area.

Many resorts have dress requirements for dinner, as do cruises; no flip flops, long pants for men, dress shirts. Check with your hotel before you travel.

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