Editor’s Letter

By Jane Bauer

It has been a sizzling hot month on the Oaxacan Riviera and I don’t mean just the weather! Huatulco hosted the Triathlon World Cup, th celebrated the 20 year of the International Sailfish tournament (sadly still not catch and release) and the Vela Xunashi was held at the newly opened Secrets- the biggest hotel on the coast. The organizers of the Sailfish Tournament reported 134 boats in the competition- more than any previous year! And the new International Terminal at HUX is well under way.

Over the hills Oaxaca City has been just as busy with the incredible Ma(Yo) Women’s Festival, Lila Downs, the Queen of Oaxacan music, gave a benefit concert for a girls scholarship program and the baseball season got into full swing.

As I write this we are having our official first rain and the landscape is turning green right before my eyes. As our senses turn to nature, there is a quiet silence- the perfect time to listen and look for the tiny creatures that often get over looked or just a bad reputation.

This issue of The Eye looks at the insect world; the delicious, the annoying, the beautiful and the deadly. Look closely. Be still. Be silent. Listen and enjoy all the life around you.

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