Editor’s Letter

By Jane Bauer

I come from what I have always considered a food loving background. There was the winter my dad experimented with making his own pasta- fettuccine hung in the kitchen like laundry in Tuscany. There were the shopping trips to specialty cheese shops and Sundays in Chinatown which led to amped up versions of the classic German dishes he grew up with; spaetzle served with egg drop soup. There were the summers foraging for chanterelles, jam making, experiments with buckwheat, smoking your own meats, the food dehydrator purchased at 3am from the Home Shopping Network, homemade pesto, gravlax and more often than not, marinated octopus in the fridge. I learned that food is not only important but it is fun. When I started traveling on my own my dad said ‘don’t waste your money on a nice place to stay, save it for something nice to eat.’ It was great advice that has served me well.

Oh what a wonderful surprise Oaxaca was; a goldmine of dishes and flavors I had never experienced; tlayudas, sopes, chepil, quintonil, tejate, mole, grasshoppers, chicatanas and the list of deliciousness goes on. Like Willy Wonka’s edible garden- everywhere you turn there is something fun to eat. Not just in fancy restaurants but at roadside stands in small villages, organic markets and if you are fortunate enough in someone’s mama’s kitchen.

This issue our writers explored artisanal beer, tejate, edible herbs, mole and more. It’s clear there is no better way to explore a culture than to eat your way through it! If you are around this month, be sure to check out the food festival El Saber del Sabor in Oaxaca City. Eat, drink and be merry!

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