Señorita Manners

Travel like the world is a classroom! Is there anything more ridiculous that seeing a child at the beach watching a movie on a portable DVD player, iPad or what have you? Travelling with kids is an opportunity to revisit things you already know or discover things you otherwise may have dismissed. While traveling with kids can be exhausting, when done with a little bit of planning it can be pleasant for the whole family. While it may be tempting to leave little ones with hotel childcare services while you lie on the beach, you will be missing out on sharing invaluable time together as well as teaching them about the most important thing to carry with you through life; curiosity.

Before you travel get out the atlas and show your kids where you are going. How many states does Mexico have? What’s the population? Is the school system the same? What about the history of the area? What kind of wildlife might you see?

Once you arrive, involve your kids in the itinerary by providing a few choices but reiterating you are making the decision as a family. When you want to try that great restaurant you have heard about ask yourself if your child is up to the task. If he/she has trouble sitting still or you are still working on table manners call the concierge for a sitter. Do not subject other vacationers to your child’s tantrums! Should your child have a fit take them out of earshot immediately. Do not smile sheepishly as if there is nothing you can do. Know your child! Have snacks on hand or be sure to not schedule high energy activities during times of the day when you know your child needs a nap. By the same token do not even think about giving in and insisting the restaurant whip up a batch of mac ‘n cheese because it is the only thing your child will eat. Enjoying travel requires a certain amount of flexibility and openness.

Raising a good traveller may require a little bit of planning and discipline but in the end you will be able to enjoy family getaways for years to come.

Great Coastal Activities:

  • Lagoon Nature Reserves; Ventanilla or Manialtepec Mazunte Turtle Museum
  • Snorkelling Trips
  • Copalita Eco Arqueological Museum
  • Cooking Classes
  • Ziplining

Great City Activities:

  • Xochimilco Market
  • MUFI Stamp Museum
  • Zocalo Children’s Library

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