The Snipsisters are Back on the Oaxacan Riviera

By Liz Healey

After holding another very successful fundraiser in Calgary, Alberta, in May, Heidi Wagner and her Snipsister partner, Shelagh O’Brien, will once again be holding spay/neuter clinics in the Huatulco area in December, with the work done by Peace Mexico from Puerto Vallarta.

Last December, two very successful clinics were held, one 4-day clinic in Zimatan and another in Cuatunalco. Two hundred and thirty-seven dogs and cats were sterilized over the 8 days.

This year, another 2-day clinic will be held in Cuatunalco, serving it and the surrounding communities of Cuatunalco, Las Palmas, El Coyote, and Tahueca. Following that, 6 days will be spent in Coyula, where the bridge, centro, abajo and beach communities will all benefit from the clinics.

This work could not be done without the help of volunteers, many of whom were from the Huatulco area last year. If anyone is interested in helping out at this year’s clinics, which run between December 4th and December 15th, either at the clinics or with monetary or dog or cat food donations, please contact Heidi: .

If you wish to have more information, please see , where you can also make a donation through Paypal.

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