Editor’s letter

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. -Lao Tzu

Welcome to The Eye! This is our 24th issue and marks our 2nd birthday! What started out as a little project to publish positive interesting stories about Huatulco and its surroundings has grown and developed into a community of thinkers and explorers with a readership that stretches around the globe. What has resonated is how each of our contributors feels privileged to be a part of this great community who have come to call Mexico home. Whether for a few months a year or years on end, it is clear that this place is magic.

When thinking about January 2013 our minds turned to birth, beginnings and renewal. The end of the world may not have come but that is no reason to not look at the world with new eyes.  Is your annual resolutions list ready to be tackled?

When a child is born it is full of promise, we ooh and ah over the possibility that it holds. When love is new, we bask in its glow, finding the mundane enticing and exhilarating. When we travel, we see our environment with fresh eyes, noticing details of the people and spaces around us. When we get used to things they seem to lose their shine and become lackluster, but usually the only thing that has changed is our perspective.

For many of us, ‘Mexico life’ marked a new beginning and as such, we opened our hearts and minds to new experiences and people. The secret is you don’t need to travel anywhere. Wherever you are, open your eyes, open your heart and see the magic in the everyday.

This issue we celebrate possibility.

Don’t forget to send us your ‘Tortilla Soup for the Soul’ experiences to be published in our February issue, see details on page 21.

See you next month,



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