Destination Weddings

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.26.27 PMBy Jane Bauer

Weddings are the epitome of promise, celebration and joining of families. They involve getting dressed up, good food, lots of love and good will. In 2011, The Knot reported that 15% of couples are now having destination weddings, this explains how in the last few years I have had the honor of meeting dozens of couples and families who have chosen the Oaxacan Riviera for their nuptials. Here are a some great reasons why:

Smaller guest list: Getting married abroad usually makes for a smaller guest list than if you were tying the knot at home, but usually the people that really matter find a way of being there for you on your special day.

Save Money: The knot reports that the Average Wedding Budget is $27,021 USD (excludes honeymoon) while a destination wedding can easily come in under $10,000 USD and can double as a honeymoon by booking some couple time once your guests have gone home. There are loads of breathtaking venues and guaranteed sun almost every day of the year!

Time for families to bond: Another huge advantage to the destination wedding is the time for the bride’s family and groom’s family to spend quality time together, especially if they live far apart or are meeting for the first time.  A wedding celebration is about joining families.  A destination wedding provides the opportunity to share a few days together rather than just an evening.

Incredible Backdrop: The Knot reported that the most popular theme for all weddings in 2011 was beach.  What better decoration is there than the Pacific Ocean in the background!

Jane Bauer

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