Huatulco’s New Organic Market

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.50.08 PMBy Kary Vannice

Huatulco has a new organic market! Officially known as el Mercado Orgánico de Huatulco or MOH. It is held in the park at Santa Cruz, from 8:00am to 2:00pm the first Saturday of every month, until November when it will become a weekly event!

A few months ago a small group of friends were enjoying an evening drink in the cool night air at Café Huatulco when someone mused, “You know what Huatulco really needs? …An organic market”. To which another friend responded, “Well, let’s make one”.

The seed of a great idea, watered with passion and fertilized with enthusiasm (organic, of course) always bears much fruit. This is what has happened with the MOH. Only 2 markets in and it is already a great success, drawing vendors from as far away as Puebla!

At the first market in May, 16 producers came to sell their organic products. In addition to the organic fruits and vegetables you would expect to find at an organic market, there were also delicious organic mango and hibiscus marmalades, ranch eggs, honey, organic mescal, organic coffee and a whole host of exotic and colorful fruits and flowers from nearby Hagia Sofia.

By the second market in June, there were nearly double the amount of producers and even more new organic products. Curative herbal medicines and lovely smelling organic beauty products made their debut at the market. There were also delicious cheeses, rich dark chocolates and exotic organic flavored sea salts and vinegars.

There are now also organic prepared foods you can eat right at the market and made to order organic coffee! But just be prepared to bring or buy your own (recyclable) cup, bowl or coffee mug, because at the MOH, there won’t be plastic utensils, plates, bowls or cups.

The organizers of MOH are working hard to eliminate these types of non-recyclable products from the market; encouraging vendors instead to utilize things like banana leaves, dried gourds and washable glass containers. You won’t be given a plastic bag to take your purchases home in either. Buyers are encouraged to bring their own cloth bags or baskets to take all of their organic goodies home in!

The MOH is not just about buying organic products; it is a full-blown movement to a greener, healthier Huatulco. The day begins with a free yoga class at 8:00am. Then, there is a full schedule of educational talks and workshops on environmental and organic topics. In addition, at each market a local chef is invited to prepare a dish, ‘live’, made from the organic products available that day. The last hour of the market, a local musician or band is invited to play ‘organic’ music.


And, in the spirit of reducing, recycling and reusing, there is also a free book exchange. You can bring your books to the market to swap or donate to the cause.

This organic market represents the first buds of a new and flourishing garden of opportunity here in Huatulco to take better care of our bodies and our environment. Any contributions you may want to make to the market would be graciously welcomed. If you would like to be a vendor, speaker or volunteer, please contact me at

The next market will be on July 6th, 2013 and MOH expects to have new vendors selling products like freshly caught local fish, rich organic humus for your plants and garden (all the way from Puebla) and even more local fresh organic produce!

To see more pictures and find out more information about past or upcoming markets, check out our Facebook page – M O H Mercado Orgánico de Huatulco.