Mazunte’s Tropical Nursery

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 6.40.39 PMBy Wes Chowaniec

After 25 years of cultivating and planting, a new nursery has evolved on the pristine beach of Mermejita, Mazunte you will encounter a family-run venture that raises organic tropical plants and herbs. As you pass through the gates of the garden, it has a dream like feel about it.

Hand-dug wells and a simple Pacific coast palapa were constructed when they first began. Now, it is a true tropical paradise full of life, featuring thousands of plants and wildlife. Gardening is the first art form to mankind. When you combine plants, stones or an old tree trunk together, magic can happen.

The design of the garden began in 1988 when the first stones and pathways were laid out. Soon to follow were the palms, citrus trees and vegetables. The planting continues on to this present day.

Coming from families of farmers, their destiny was to bring life to the once desert arid area. Daily watering, planting and composting nurtures and keeps the grounds fresh and healthy. The nursery offers a wide variety of herbs, palms, cactus, flowers, etc. Home grown salsas and marmalades are bottled right on the farm. Enjoy a fresh juice or a cold beer from the garden center shop. Gorgeous clay pots from different regions of Oaxaca and handmade garden furniture highlight the oasis. It is a great thing to support the craftsmen of Oaxaca, the farmers, potters and artists.

The garden operates under two very important principles: the first being the use of 100% organic practices in the production of the herbs, vegetables and plants grown. No pesticides or fertilizers are used or have touched the ground. The second operational characteristic of the farm is the use of solar energy, for operating all of the farming processes.

At the Botanic Garden, in addition to enjoying a stroll through the garden or sitting in the shade with your refreshment you can reserve one of the cabins. A place totally removed from the urban bustle with gorgeous sunsets and pure air, the cabins are solar powered and have king size beds with private bath. During your stay you can book a swim with the turtles or a fishing tour. The famous Punta Cometa (comet point) is right in front of the farm, a great hike and incredible sightseeing.

The Botanic Garden is located 1 km from the National Turtle Center of Mazunte. A great walk from town, or taxis are readily available.

The garden hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

The garden awaits you!

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