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Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.59.45 PMBy Brooke Gazer

Teresa Sanchez is one of several interesting professionals who have chosen to call Huatulco home. When the prima ballerina from Puebla accepted the position of principal dancer and choreographer for the Barceló Hotel she planned to spend a couple of years before moving on. However, she was seduced by the agreeable climate and gorgeous beaches and twelve years later not only is she a permanent resident she is an important asset to the community.

In 2006 she began Corsan Academy of Dance never dreaming that her academy in Huatulco would develop several talented dancers.   Eight young adults have become serious students dedicating 3 hours every night and all day Saturday to ballet, modern and folkloric dance. This is a grueling schedule and one would have to love it to devote this amount of time. Since these young people are not from wealthy families, who can afford to pay for almost 26 hours of classes per week, Teresa subsidizes some of her dedicated and talented protégés. She does this because she loves her craft and earlier in her career someone provided Teresa with the opportunity to study dance and choreography in Paris. She believes in giving the same opportunity to those who have the drive and ability.

Abraham Ramirez is one of these students. In 2006 he began taking folkloric dance with Teresa. She recognized his potential and invited him to participate in her modern dance class. Dancing has now become a way of life for him. When I asked which form of dance he prefers he says it doesn’t matter, he loves them all. He says he dances because there is nothing else that gives him the same feeling of pure joy and it is his dream to become a member of a professional dance troupe. When he is not dancing he is attending the University Del Mar studying Tourism Administration.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.00.05 PMThe academy performs two recitals annually and if you are in Huatulco during May or December it is well worth attending. Teresa is exceptionally creative as a choreographer and some of her prodigies could rival professional dancers. In addition to the two annual performances, her advanced students are anxious to demonstrate their ability and are available to perform at private parties or events. If you are planning a function and would like some unique entertainment you can contact them to make arrangements through the academy.


Corsan Academy of Dance:
Address: Calle Cocotillo, Manzana 5 Lote 14. Centro la Crucecita.
Phone:  58-70163
Cel Phone: 958-1067169

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