Environmental Update

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.01.00 PMBy Julie Etra

The Committee for Clean Beaches (Comité de Playas Limpias) held a meeting in late November 2014 to address the environmental problems resulting from the wastewater treatment plants. This issue was first brought to the attention of the local authorities five years ago. The current facilities are not working efficiently, nor are they adequate to handle the current and future population; they not only create disagreeable odors, but also produce excessive levels of sulfur. The Committee recommends they be re-located farther from the population center as it gives this tourist destination a bad image.

There are currently five treatment plants in and around Huatulco, with the largest located next to Fonatur’s yard on Guelaguetza (canal street), which is dumping inadequately treated sewage into the canal that courses its way to the Chahue Marina and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. Although the treatment plants supposedly meet the current disposal standards, obvious contaminants include fecal matter, bacteria, and chemicals used to treat sewage. The Committee realizes it will take investment on the part of the Municipality, but this investment is necessary to modernize and enclose the facilities and to ensure the continued ‘clean’ certification of Huatulco’s beaches in this ‘sustainable’ tourist destination.

In support of the Committee and its findings, the Movement for the Defense of Cacaluta has sent a letter to the Municipality, and reiterated that it represents the citizenship of the area and is only interested in improving their quality of life, and does not represent any special interests.

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