Hotels in Huatulco

By Julie Etra

I heard through a third party (a non-local of course) that only four hotels exist in Huatulco. Surely, I thought, they are talking about the all-inclusives in Tangolunda and Las Brisas. Those total five, and I believe there are another three small hotels in Tangolunda. So where were they referring to? Huatulco includes La Crucecita, Santa Cruz, Sector K, Sector O, Arrocito, Balcones, Conejos and La Bocana (up to the middle of the Copalita River) and more neighborhoods but these are primarily where the hotels are located. We don’t really have motels; the word is combination of motor and hotels. So how many do we have? What constitutes a hotel? My curiosity was aroused. So on a quiet Sunday I conducted a survey with my husband, he driving, me recording. We decided to only campus La Crucecita. However we started on Boulevard Chahue and included Villa Blanca on the southeast corner, up to Soriana’s. We included guesthouses and posadas, and anything that said ‘hospedaje’ (lodging). We counted 59, that would be 55 plus four.

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