Huatulco: A Community with Heart

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.40.09 PMBy Brooke Gazer

What makes a great community is not merely rows of well built homes constructed around quality infrastructure in pleasant surroundings.  It is people that make or break a community. Recently the people of Huatulco rose to the occasion, demonstrating that we are a society that cares about one another.

In January one of our local residents was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident on the highway near Salina Cruz. He incurred numerous severe injuries after being struck by another vehicle and was taken to hospital in Oaxaca and later to Mexico City where he underwent a series of surgeries. This person, who has been a member of our community for several years, operated a restaurant that has become a favorite meeting place for Mexicans, foreign residents and tourists alike. Whether you came for a full meal or just a cup of coffee he greeted you with a warm smile and never rushed you out …even when the place was full.

Even with good employees a restaurant does not run itself and people came forward in a variety of ways to help out. Neighboring restaurant owners and former customers stepped in to keep up with daily tasks such as ordering supplies and managing the staff (who are also doing a superb job with little supervision!). His delicious homemade baked goods were one of the things which made his business popular and so several locals have taken turns supplying the café with baking from their own kitchens.

On February eighth a group of locals organized a benefit in the park in Santa Cruz which resulted in an amazing turnout. People volunteered to help with the set up and to sell food and drinks. Numerous restaurants and other local businesses donated a wealth of prizes to be raffled.   At the end of the day, enough funds were raised to cover the next 6 to 8 months rent in order to keep his café open.

The patient is currently out of the hospital and recuperating in a town near Salina Cruz. When he heard about all that was being done on his behalf he was quite emotional and humbly said “I am completely without words, I never expected something like this. I am completely without words.” We are all relieved to hear that he is on the mend and look forward to his return to Huatulco.

Unfortunate as the situation is, it is inspiring to know that Huatulco is a community with a heart filled with people who are willing and able to work together to help each other when the need arises. This is what makes a community great!

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