Adventure Seekers

By Jennifer Robinson

In 2007, Adrian Traquair and Dustin Corkery ambitiously bought an inflatable raft on Ebay, decided to take that raft to India and row the entire Ganges River. They created a 12 episode documentary of the 2500 km journey. Neither of them had previous experience rowing, just some crazy idea that may or may not, have been come up with from a bottle of vodka on a cold Saskatchewan night.

Dustin and Adrian epitomize the word ad-ven-ture. They arrived in India with no plan in place, no food, a small amount of water and off they went, starting in New Delhi and finishing in Dhaka. The 88-day Ganges river trip was harder than they had anticipated; each day was hotter than the next and they soon found themselves struggling to continue. Day in and day out, as they were famished, dehydrated, anxiety ridden, ill and completely exasperated, their friendship was put to the test.

They met locals throughout their adventure who took them in with open arms and let them be a part of their lives, making this trek easier to conquer and follow through to the end. All the good of their kindness and generosity would eventually outweigh the bad. These wonderful experiences left them with great memories of a crazy idea completed and much gratitude for the hospitality they had both received along the way. Their documentary series is called ‘Around The Next Bend’ and to date has aired in 15 countries worldwide. A must see!

It has been seven years since their wild row down the Ganges and this time over a hot coffee, another idea was born and these two restless souls are at it again. On October 15th, 2015, Dustin and Adrian will start a much-anticipated trek through beautiful South America, (just in time to get out of the frigid prairie). There will be no inflatable raft this time, rather a rickshaw. A rickshaw is a 3-wheeled vehicle with a motor the size of a lawn mower. It is a common form of transport in many countries around the world and carries an abundance of other names; tuk-tuk (Thailand), trishaw, bajaj (India), keke, napep or Maruwa (Nigeria). This very small vehicle is only designed to get you from point A to point B, not to drive the entire length of South America. That alone should make this trip an interesting one for the two of them especially when it tops out at only 40 km/hr.

Their 10,000 km journey will start at the northern tip of South America on the border of Colombia and Venezuela, and will end six months later in Ushuaia, Argentina. As on their previous trek in India, there will be no cameraman or crew and they will take turns filming. Their hope is to pick up strangers along the way to enhance the experience and let the locals and the road take them. Both Adrian and Dustin are well traveled, and these unique experiences are certainly something that drives both of their daring and ambitious personalities.

Adrian and Dustin will be setting up a live interactive website so we can all follow along and feel a part of their adventure. Their hope is to be able to create a 12 episode series as they did with Around the Next Bend, which is guaranteed to keep you well entertained and wanting more.

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