Beyond TripAdvisor…

By Jane Bauer

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.28.08 AMSome of my favorite culinary delights to be had around Huatulco you will not find on Tripadvisor or in your guidebook.

1. La Palapa de Andres
This restaurant is worth the trip to Copalita. Andres and his wife offer wonderful service and delicious local food. I highly reccommend the chacales (crawfish) or the fish of the day.

2. Antojitos Yela
This local favorite in La Crucecita serves up fresh sopes and aguas. Open daily, Calle Ocotillo.

3. Comedor Pluma
This gem in Pluma (50 minutes from Huatulco) is a great getaway if you are looking for cooler weather for an afternoon. This comedor in the town square – face the church and it is on your right – makes the best mole de olla with bolitas de masa I have ever tasted.

4. Don Arturo
Want to try the best meat tacos in Huatulco? Head down to Santa Cruz and look for the red vintage car parked in front of Ocean Park. Don Arturo’s trunk tacos are a local favorite and not to be missed!

5. Pizza El Dragon
This La Crema spin-off in Barra de la Cruz attracts the surf crowd. They serve cold beer and delicious wood oven-baked pizza. I recommend the shrimp and jalapeno combo.

6. Felix’ Tamales
If you find yourself in La Crucecita in the early morning look for the tricycle outside the Mercado 3 de mayo (in front of the side entrance to Abbarotes Santa Cruz).

7. Esquites and Elotes
My favorite evening snack is to stop by the ladies selling corn in front of Comex on the square. Fresh corn slathered with mayonnaise, cheese, chile and lime.

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