Editor’s Letter

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.51.34 PM“We still carry this old caveman-imprint idea that we’re small, nature’s big, and it’s everything we can manage to hang on and survive. When big geophysical events happen – a huge earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption – we’re reminded of that.” – James Balog

Two questions I got today… ‘why do you live here?’ (I get this often) and ‘are there more earthquakes than usual?’ (this precipitated by the devastation in Italy a few days ago, followed by another earthquake in Myanmar).

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey) there are about 20000 earthquakes a year worldwide and, the number of large magnitude earthquakes striking the planet doubled in 2014. The USGS is quite certain about the data but it is uncertain about the cause. You can actually track the daily earthquakes at http://earthquaketrack.com/….. Today there were 117 earthquakes. 117!!!

I like a mid-sized earthquake- sometimes you can hear the rumbling before the actual quake. I like the initial feeling of panic that makes you drop everything and for a split second you appreciate all you have; your health, your children, your home. People step out of their houses, smile at their neighbors and say things like ‘wow, that was a big one!’ I like turbulence on a plane for the same reason- everyone looks up and suddenly we’re all connected.

So why do I live here? Pretty much the same reason. Constant and beautiful reminders of how fortunate I am and how spectacular and ephemeral life is. Everyday there are opportunities for connection; children on the street smile, vendors have a certain pride as they work their mom-and-pop businesses, doctors still make house calls and random strangers will stop to help you. I am sure I would be making more money and driving a nicer car if I had chosen to make my life in Canada, but I doubt I would be happier.

There were 117 earthquakes today. You may not have felt them in Alberta or Texas or wherever you happen to be reading this, but they happened. Don’t wait for the turbulence or the shaking to wake you from your slumber to make life choices that feed that connectedness.

So, why do I live here…. ‘Why don’t you?’

See you in November,