screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-5-45-00-pmBy Lenore Harder

The 4th Worldwide Aquathon Day will be held on November 12th, 2016. Rose Hartzenberg from South Africa was inspired to put this event together several years ago. The worldwide event has exploded to include 75 countries and over 175 pools participating. I thought this was an inspiring and motivating event to get involved with, so I signed up as a host in Huatulco, Mexico! Aquafitness and this annual Aquathon are to inspire and unite participants, and introduce them to the benefits of training and exercising in the water, a natural healing environment adapted to exercising effectively little impact on joints and muscles.

We invite everyone to come participate. We have a photographer to cover the event and look forward to any sponsors, donations and of course, participants! Details of the event are covered in the poster. For further information contact Lenore Harder at

Your hosts for this event are Lenore Harder of Energizer’s and Ruby de Witt of Rudy’s Hydro Energy Workout .

Lenore routinely offers classes in the Huatulco area over the winter months mostly to the tourists who settle and call Huatulco their winter home.

Ruby has recently moved to Huatulco and has an impressive history as an aquatic trainer and presenter with a dancing background.

We both have much to share and are excited to be your official hosts for this upcoming Aquathon, the first in Huatulco Mexico!

Please come out and support us November 12th. We will be starting at 8am and have the pool until noon at Hotel Santa Cruz across from Bancomer on the main drag in Santa Cruz. Cost is donation to a local charity. The idea is to go 3 hours. We will have water and snack breaks. The hotel will have fruit/snacks for purchase on site.

See you November 12th for our Big Splash!

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