My Top 5

By Jane Bauer


  1. Eggs Benedict at Las Parotas

The restaurant at the Las Parotas Golf Course is a delightful choice for breakfast; picturesque, delicious, affordable and open to the public.

  1. Iced Coffee at Casa Mayor Kiosk

This is the best spot in town to sit and people watch while sipping the quality coffee that this region is known for. Also check out their full restaurant on the other corner of the square and beach location in Puerto Escondido.


  1. Sunset drinks at El Alquemista

One of the most stunning laid back beaches to chill out.

Puerto Escondido

  1. Beet Salad at Espadin

The view overlooking Carrizalillo Bay is reason enough to visit Espadin, but their beet and jicama salad makes it a must!

Oaxaca City

  1. Croissants at Boulenc Bakery

I cannot say enough about the magic coming out of this bakery. Check out the full review on my blog: