My Top 5 (ways to spend 50 pesos!)

By Jane Bauer

  1. Catch a colectivo to Pochutla for the Monday market. One-way transportation to this bustling town, 40 minutes from Huatulco, is only 25 pesos. Go to the Estrella Blanca bus station behind Soriana – many departures daily.
  2. Dinner at Tacos al Pastor. With several sidewalk locations around La Crucecita this is an easy stop to fill your stomach; fast delicious and inexpensive. Five tacos is 39 pesos, however I like to upgrade and add cheese – 5 tacos for 50 pesos.
  3. Glass of wine at La Crema. Overlooking the town square, La Crema is a fun place to stop in on a Friday night for a glass of vino. A favorite with locals and visitors alike.
  4. Rent a movie! Yes, this might sound like a throwback activity – a DVD player … what’s that? My choice is Videomar, located in the plaza behind Pemex. They have new releases- original copies- one night rental is only 20 pesos! Adios Itunes 🙂
  5. Give it away! Whether you give it to the guy panhandling outside the bank or as a tip for the pizza delivery, the highest feel-good return on your 50 pesos is to spend it on someone other than yourself.

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