Perfect your Spanish! Word of the Month

By Julie Etra

Pegar- verb

To stick, to paste or to hit.

But this applies to a wide variety of sticking, including placing a poster on a wall (Puedo pegarlo aqui? Can I place it here?).

Por fin la trepadora ha pegado. Finally the vine is attaching, or to a plant taking root

Las plantulas han pegado. The seedlings have rooted, are well rooted).

Pegar oj. Inability to sleep, as in: Juan ha perdido la cuenta de las noches que ha pasado en vela, sin poder pegar ojo. Juan had lost count of the nights he laid awake, unable to sleep.

Pegar un tiro. Shoot. As in: Amo pegar un tiro a los ratas. I love to shoot rats.

Le pegó a la pelota de béisbol. He hit the baseball.

Pablo me ha pegado. Pablo hit me.

Copia ese texto y pégalo en este documento. Copy that text and paste it into this document.