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Jane“Tragedy is the greatest art form of all. It gives us the courage to continue with our life by exposing us to the pain of life. It is unsentimental, it takes us seriously as human beings, it is not condescending. Paradoxically, by seeing pain we are made greater, it becomes a need.”

― Howard Barker

So much has happened since I sat down to write my last editorial for The Eye at the end of August. We have had several earthquakes that devastated areas of Oaxaca and CDMX – so many harrowing stories of loss.

Leigh Morrow’s article on Kintsugi, occasionally referred to as the ‘art of precious scars’, is about reclaiming broken items and finding beauty in the cracks rather than focusing on the loss. A much needed sentiment in times like these.

Much great art has been born out of moments of suffering – both personal, like that of Van Gogh, and collective, such as the Great Depression in the US, which gave rise to a Golden Era that included Edward Hopper, Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keeffe. In fact Franklin D. Roosevelt, the author of the New Deal, said: “Art is not a treasure in the past or an importation from another land, but part of the present life of all living and creating peoples.”

What will be born out of our current hard times? Throughout the world we have seen Mother Nature’s power in floods, fires and earthquakes and we have seen human recklessness in wars, terrorist acts and the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. We are seeing people bond together over shared hardships whether based on geography or gender. Already social media is being filled with videos, testimonials and photos – all forms of art in our reality-tv existence.

This month our writers explore art: painting, trends in contemporary art, the craft of pottery, art books and creativity in general.

When faced with destruction or hardship – create art, whether it be words, song, painting or photos. Some of the most beautiful things are built from ashes.

If you are on the coast this month be sure to check out the Mazunte Jazz Festival and the Fiestas de Noviembre in Puerto Escondido. It’s sure to be a busy season with more Blues on the Beach Concerts, Luis Gasga’s regular gig at L’Echalote and save the date for the Festival del Sueño at the Guelaguetza Park in Huatulco January 27th, 2018.

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