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Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 7.28.31 PMBy Stephanie Chirinos

Five years ago I started to get interested in painting. I have always liked the arts, but I had been very focused on music and dance. My main dream was to be a ballet dancer but I could never attend classes, because my parents did not agree that I should follow an artistic path. However, when I became of age I gave myself a year to explore the arts, which is how I found my place in painting. At first, I painted everyday things according to what I felt and saw. Over time my style has evolved and been influenced by the place where I live.

Juchitan is known for its women, because they are workers and are a fundamental part of the economy. I like to highlight their beauty and femininity, I am inspired by their strength and independence.

Although I was born in Juchitán I never had the opportunity to live here for a long time. I grew up between Oaxaca and Monterrey. Four years ago I came to live in Juchitán and I fell in love with everything I saw. During these 5 years I have experienced many styles with my painting and for the last 2 years I have been depicting women full of color, lively and happy that embody an innocence and childish aspect.

I have 2 children, who are also a huge inspiration. My husband is a musician and I am a visual artist so we are always connecting with our children through art and they have transmitted to me the sensitivity that we sometimes lose over time. I have learned to take my emotions to the limit and that helps me a lot to create.


I’m always listening to music, all day and I can’t paint if I do not have music. I feel that I have a stronger connection with music, but I also like the visual very much, artists like Miguel Covarrubias, Henri Matisse, of course Diego Rivera. I also like to explore a lot and I love the work of many emerging artists.

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Calle Reforma #16 sección entre las calles Oaxaca y Abasolo, Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.

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