Got Pizza?

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 9.49.07 AMBy Renee Biernacki

While living in Huatulco, I often hear people ask, “Where can I get the best pizza?”  I then hear a reply such as, “Why would you want pizza when you’re in Mexico?  Ugh!”  

Why not?  A majority of the population has a craving for it when home or traveling, and sometimes the only thing that’ll hit the spot is a yummy slice of pizza.  No matter where you are, it’s always a good choice.  Pizza is arguably one of the world’s most perfect foods, right up there with tacos.  As a matter of fact, it’s also one of Mexicans’ most popular foods, after tacos.  You will find that the unique style of Mexican pizza will please any gringo.  Exploring pizza is like exploring tacos.  Just about anywhere you go in Mexico, you can grab a pizza.

Pizza, Italian for “pie,” is a staple of Italian cuisine and has become one of the most identifiable and popular dishes worldwide.  The first pizza, which was also referred to as flatbread or focaccia, was said to be garnished with olive oil and spices.  Eventually added were cheese, tomatoes, and garlic, and the rest is history!  Mexico put their take on it with their own flair for flavors and zing, and today Mexico is #2 in the world for pizza consumption.  The three factors in its success are price, speed, and versatility.  

Mexican pizza-makers have taken on the challenge of creating the perfect pie, and just may have succeeded.  Mexican pizza has a thin crust made with ingredients typical of Mexican cuisine such as chorizo (spicy sausage), chapulines (grasshoppers), aguacate (avocado), carne al pastor (pork cooked on a spit), salami, atun (tuna), elote (corn), mayonnaise, frijoles (beans),  jalapenos, chipotles, and anything else hot and spicy.  In addition, there are the usual suspects such as queso (cheese), pepperoni, cebolla (onion), champiñones (mushrooms), and pimiento verde (green pepper).  Hawaiian pizza is a popular one that’s topped with jamon (ham) and piña (pineapple).  

Born and raised in Chicago, which I define as the pizza capital of the world and which is famous for its Italian sausage, it’s hard not to be biased.  But in Huatulco when I want pizza . . . I WANT PIZZA and I find it gratifying!  So, if you are from out of the country, it will probably not be like home, but it will satisfy those taste buds.  

If you are searching for pizza while in Huatulco, here are some places you will enjoy:  Mamma Mia, La Crema Bar, Oro Negro, Teresina, Solo Pizza and Lupi’s Pizza.   An added plus is that it can be delivered “a tu casa” (to your home), and don’t forget the propina (tip)!  Also, off the beaten path in Playa Zipolite is a gem of a place called Restaurante El Alquimista.  Another is Pizzeria el Dragon in Barra de la Cruz.  Internationally, pizza is a highly accessible food with many flavorful toppings of your choice, so experience it during your stay just as you would with any typical Mexican food. 

Please remember to support the local pizzerias, restaurants, and businesses!  Huatulco is a proud, hardworking community that aims to please.

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