Carminia Magaña

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 8.54.46 AMBy MJ Kelly and Oscar Olivos

Carminia Magaña was born in Mexico City on October 28, 1939, to a family of Yucatecan origin; was one of three children, although her brother died as a child. Her father, a lawyer, was secretary in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. Her pedagogue mother was a precursor to the preschool education commissioned by President Adolfo López Mateos.  She received all her education at the American School and obtained a degree in Art History at the University of the Americas.  Her command of English and French, and ease in public relations, allowed her husband, who was an attache official for Pemex, to live and entertain in different cities, such as The Hague, Paris and New York. 

Carminia was a woman of vast culture, great intellect, and humor, and a lover of good food and drink. She was an epicentre of energy, laughter and love of life that she bestowed on all of us.  She had three sons and one daughter, Roberto, Alberto, Héctor and unforgettable Ximena Osegueda, who died in 2011. Carminia generously supported her children in their pursuit of career and family. Together they created a paradise in La Javelina, with the intention of growing all indigenous species of plants in the Huatulco area.

A list of Carminia’s artistic endeavors and productions of worthy events would take pages, but the creation of  of Amigos de la Musica in 2007 showed her true love of community and the arts. Carminia recruited more than 40 sponsors to contribute an annual fee of 1000 pesos and with that they could cover the expenses for the musical artists. Thus, four concerts a year were held at the Chahué marina, the golf course, and the hotels Castillo Huatulco, Barceló, Dreams and Camino Real Zaashila; at Camino Real, the concerts were held beside the sea, in an unparalleled atmosphere. The concerts were carefully prepared to the smallest detail by passionate volunteers. Currently, Amigos de la Musica remains alive with the coordination of new and original members who share the same vision.  With only 6 months before she would have turned 80, Carminia passed away leaving many projects incomplete, such as a hostel for older travelers in La Javelina.

Carminia Magaña was a facilitator of cultural projects and environments.  As an artist herself, she loved the creative process and fostered that in so many artists, musicians, writers, dancers and intellectuals. Her home was always frequented by these artists and friends with whom she shared the intrigue of life and art.  She often said, “I really do all this for me!” But we know she did it for all of us.  To so many of us, she leaves a huge emptiness that can never be filled by anyone else. She loved nothing more than to intermingle her children, grandchildren and friends together with lavish meals and much laughter and banter. As we ponder life and death, we will hear her laughter and smile at the beauty that surrounds us. We will always hold dear her memory in our hearts knowing full well that the world is and we are better for having loved her.

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