Radio Mar:  A Fresh New Voice in Huatulco

Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.47.42 AMBy Brooke Gazer

A unique new radio station is broadcasting over this region’s airwaves. 

Radio Mar Huatulco 106.3FM, is a “social community concession.”  Edith Barrera, one of the station’s hosts, explained that unlike a private commercial radio station, a social community concession does not expect to create a profit and listeners might notice that there are no formal commercial interruptions. Of course, running a radio station is not without expenses, so there is paid content. This takes the form of program information or announcements that are interspersed into the commentary – much like the “public radio” networks of the U.S. and Canada. 

Aside from the non-commercial aspect, what sets this kind of station apart from privately owned stations is its commitment to specific principles. The focus of Radio Mar includes the wellbeing of the community, environmental issues, women’s issues, and egalitarian rights.  The objective is to include the entire community and to encourage community participation.  Since Huatulco has a small expat community, Radio Mar has included a program called The English Corner, airing on Thursdays 12 – 1 PM. Content will include local history; upcoming cultural events occurring in Huatulco, Mazunte, Puerto Escondido, and Oaxaca City; and anything that the English-speaking community might wish to learn about. Feel free to contact them with suggestions (see contact information below).

On Mondays from 12 – 1 PM, Edith Barrera hosts a broad-based program called Espacio Holistico (Holistic Space) that covers a wide range of topics about well-being. It might relate to community issues, it could touch on topics of health, or something on a personal level.  In the following hour (1 – 2 PM) she hosts a program on women’s issues.  

Edith has an interesting background; originally from Mexico City, she earned her master’s degree in European Studies from a University in Finland.  Her show is bound to be lively and for those of you working on your Spanish, this might be a good place to practice listening and comprehension. 

Radio Mar Huatulco was founded this November by a lawyer from Oaxaca. Sheila Santiago worked in a legal capacity for a number of small social community concessions that broadcast in indigenous languages. What those stations did inspired her to create one in Huatulco. There are over twenty official concessions in the state of Oaxaca, and Radio Mar is affiliated with a web of seven similar stations that in turn are tied into the larger station in Oaxaca City. As the station director, Sheila reads the news from 2 – 3 PM. 

In addition to interviews and commentary, 106.3 features a wide range of music for five hours a day. Mondays to Fridays from 8 – 9 PM En Compañia De (In company of) plays both English and Spanish classics from the 1980s through the 2000s.

For programing information, to suggest a segment, become a guest, or sponsor a program, you can contact them with the information below. If you are organizing a community event, do not miss the opportunity to have it covered here. 

Radio Mar Huatulco 106.3 FM 

Contact:  Elaine Oros 

TEL: 958 109 9916 

Send a message on What’s App to suggest programing or make comments.

Webpage :

Facebook: RadioMarHuatulco/

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