A New Partner for Un Nuevo Amanecer

By Brooke Gazer

The parents and staff at UNA are exceedingly grateful for the help that Huatulco provides, through both Blues on the Beach and from personal and corporate donations. But the need is ever increasing. 

Since 1997, UNA has had the use of therapy rooms free of charge above the Ferrealianza hardware store at the corner of Calles Jazmin and Plumbago in La Crucecita. For children with severe physical disabilities, a second-floor facility is hardly ideal, but staff and parents carry children and wheelchairs up the steep iron staircase. In September of 2017, an 8.2 earthquake in the Gulf of Tehuantepec reached Huatulco, causing structural damage to the building. In the event of another tremor, evacuation of healthy children might be challenging, but the logistics with physically disabled kids is a nightmare that no one wants to contemplate. 

Land has been donated and some money for a new building fund set aside, but the amount is far below what is necessary to reach the goal. UNA needs about $2,000,000 pesos to begin construction on the new facility and an additional $2,000,000 to complete the project.  The good news for Canadians is that this year, due to a partnership with Amistad Canada, donations can be tax deductible.

This organization was created in 2009 to help Canadians contribute to worthy non-profit agencies in Mexico. It was registered under the Canadian Income Tax Act and is able to provide donation receipts for Canadians who contribute  to any of the twelve Amistad partner organizations; UNA is the newest member and the only one in southern Mexico. Any donation made through the Amistad Canada website can obtain a receipt to support a charitable tax deduction.  To donate online go to the Amistad website and click on the “DONATE/ DONAR” tab on the top.  Then click the “FUND” button in the left column and select “UN NUEVO AMANECER.”

(www.amistadcanada.org/donate/), Donations may also be made by Interac e-Transfer or by check.

For Americans and Mexicans, donations can be made directly to UNA either in cash or through UNA’s PayPal account. As a registered Mexican charity, UNA can issue receipts for tax deductions in Mexico.  

The Blues on the Beach event hopes that Amistad Canada’s involvement will allow the concert proceeds to be devoted exclusively to construction of a new home for UNA, rather than being used for operating expenses.  

Brooke Gazer operates Agua Azul la Villa, an ocean-view B&B in Huatulco (www.bbaguaazul.com).