The Spirit of ART

20208By Tirza Bonifazi

Art Show Opening

February 28, 6:30 pm 

Villa Montecarlo @ Cosmo Residences

Arrocito, Huatulco

Open to the public

Jim Spicka established himself as a painter in 2010, drawing inspiration from the life and landscapes of the coast of Oaxaca, and two years later, with his wife Mary, he organized an art exhibition with the participation of other Huatulco-based artists, that ended up being an annual event. His death in 2018 left a void in the local art scene. 

Keeping his legacy alive was important for the art community. With the inspiration of Canadian artist MJ Kelly and the vision of Colectivo Tilcoatle and Hashtag Huatulco, The Spirit of ART was created. It is an exhibition that aims to be a meeting of art in the most diverse visual forms – painting, sculpture, engraving, photography – with a look towards the future.

Thanks to the support of art patron Shaun Wymes, developer of Cosmo, the first edition of The Spirit of ART will be hosted at the Villa Montecarlo, located inside Cosmo Residences in Arrocito, Huatulco. In addition to the aforementioned arts, there will also be an example of architecture and design overlooking the ocean: the same space that houses the show will be an active part of it.

The Spirit of ART is characterized by integrating the visual arts with digital platforms, accompanying with freshness and innovation the conceptual and creative approaches of the individual artists.

The Spirit of ART is a cosmopolitan exhibition that brings together more than 20 artists: the colors and techniques of the state of Oaxaca, combined with the essence that characterizes Mexico’s chiaroscuro.  Artists from Mexico include Irving Cano (Santa María Xadani, Oaxaca), Francisco Monterrosa (Juchitán, Oaxaca), GAM (San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca), Armando Manuel (Laollaga, Oaxaca), Noé Jacinto (Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca), Mr Power (Oaxaca), Gustavo Silva (Tehuantepec, Oaxaca), Sabino López (Juchitán, Oaxaca), Rafael Ortega (Ciudad de México), Heriberto Palafox (Salina Cruz, Oaxaca), Edna Guzmán (Santo Domingo Ingenio, Oaxaca), and Jariz Villagómez (Zihuatanejo, Guerrero).  Artists from other parts of the world include Fiona Nichols (England), Karen N. Wikstrand (Italy), Giorgio Rollo (Italy), MJ Kelly (Canada), Ann McLeod (USA), Nancy Norris (USA), Richard Saunders (USA), and LEVA (Guatemala), some of them based in Huatulco for many years. Thus the exhibit offers a total experience, where the various visual forms and the countries in which they have developed come together within the artistic vision and The Spirit of Art.

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