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Señorita Manners

Manners are a way of softening the blow as our ideals and personal space come into proximity with others, are also useful when coming into contact with smaller creatures and creepy crawlies.

The most common interaction is of the buzzing and sucking variety- mosquitoes! First step is prevention and keeping them outside; close doors and screens. If sitting al fresco, light an anti-mosquito coil and place it on the floor. Repellent is always a good option, although please step away from the table if spritzing in a restaurant and don’t forget to offer the bottle around. If a nasty mozzy makes it onto your skin…..slap away, it’s a dog eat dog world! Continue reading Señorita Manners


A Taste of Honey

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 5.55.54 PM
By Kathy Taylor

If you were inclined to subscribe to a “100 mile” diet, Huatulco is a pretty good place to live: all the fish and shrimp you can eat, shade grown coffee, mescal, fresh cheeses, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables, stone ground corn for tender tortillas, and of course, honey. Bees are what make the agricultural world go round. The relationship between bees and flowers is much like the conundrum of the chicken and the egg. Which came first?  Continue reading A Taste of Honey

Mico-lógica Alters our Perception of the Magic of Mushrooms in Oaxaca

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.08.16 PMAlvin Starkman, M.A., J.D.

When we think of mushrooms and Oaxaca the first thing which comes to mind is María Sabina, Huautla de Jiménez, and hallucinogenic “magic” mushrooms. But slowly that’s all changing as a result of the groundbreaking work in mycology of Josefina Jiménez and Johann Mathieu, through their company Mico-lógica. Continue reading Mico-lógica Alters our Perception of the Magic of Mushrooms in Oaxaca

The Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Oaxacan Riviera: You Told Us

By Marcia Chaiken and Jan Chaiken

Thanks to the readers who responded to our survey in January, we now know how so many of you stay healthy and fit. We asked you to tell us about the best forms of exercise on the beach, in the water and in other outdoor locations, in fitness centers and in your homes. We asked for advice about the best places for a long walk, for running or jogging, for fitness swimming, biking and hiking. And we also asked about foods to eat and overall recommendations to stay fit and healthy. Continue reading The Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Oaxacan Riviera: You Told Us

The Food of Love

By Kathy Taylor

Valentine’s Day. Romance. Seduction. Amor….The very essence of seduction is to stimulate the five senses: sight, sound, feel, taste, and smell. Starting the evening with a beautifully laid table, flowers, candlelight, soft music, a hint of perfume, and time to enjoy it all. This is not the night to be slaving over the stove, chopping, mixing, stirring, it’s all about make-ahead, have ready in the fridge to pop into the oven so you can relax and enjoy the evening. If you want a big elaborate production, go out to your favourite restaurant and really put on the dog, but if you want to do it right at home, simple elegant luxury is what it’s all about. Continue reading The Food of Love

Heart Chakra

By Kari Vannice

Do you ever wonder why you sometimes have difficulty accepting yourself the way you are, find it difficult to say “no” to people or struggle with jealousy? It could be that your Heart Chakra is out of balance. Chakras are swirling vortices of energy that are centered along the spine. Chakra means “wheel” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. They can be thought of as spinning wheels of light or energy that connect the physical body to the spiritual body and the emotional to the mental. Continue reading Heart Chakra

Couch Potatoes Have Pretty Feet

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By Chuck Dale

Ok, now that you are curious as to what this title means, I want you to find a place to sit down, wherever you are, and take off your shoes, socks, crocs or sandals and take a good look at your feet.

About half the way through a run one day with a client, she looked at me and said, “you know, I’d bet that couch potatoes have pretty feet.” She continued, “ before you and I started training together, my feet were soft, smooth, and pretty, but since we have been training, I’ve noticed how rough and calloused they have gotten, so I’d bet couch potatoes have pretty feet.” Continue reading Couch Potatoes Have Pretty Feet


By Brooke Gazer

Temazcal is a ritual vapor bath with pre-Hispanic origins. The Conquistadores attempted to eradicate all Mesoamerican practices but this purifying custom survived and in recent years has experienced a resurgence. The concept is are not unique to Mesoamerica; the North American Indians held sweat lodges, Turkey had steam baths, hot Japanese baths are known as “ofuru” and the Scandinavians developed what is commonly know as a sauna. The primary difference between the Temazcal and many other hot baths around the world is that the focus of temazcal was medicinal. Continue reading Temazcal

Staying healthy in the Big City: Tips on eating, exercise, and emergencies

By Carole Reedy

Although many people don’t know exactly what role Monteczuma played in the history of Mexico, it’s almost certain they know about his revenge, the bane of many tourists. While visiting México City, one of the biggest cities in the world, take a few easy precautions to avoid this debilitating illness and others that can hinder even the intrepid traveler.

Eating Without Fear México is a city of color, delectable smells, music, laughter, and joy. Anyone who’s visited knows it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the street. But if you want to enjoy the rest of your vacation, follow two simple rules: Continue reading Staying healthy in the Big City: Tips on eating, exercise, and emergencies

Drinking your way to Health the Mexican Way: New Year’s cocktails for Health and Happiness

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By Kathy Taylor

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your blenders, but first put away the tequila. After the indulgences of the holiday, it is time to turn a new leaf – a leafy green antioxidant one! As the New Year begins, it is a perfect time to cleanse and renew our bodies, and to establish healthy habits for the months ahead. Visiting the local Jugo and Licuado stand at least once a day is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to kick-start a new regime. Continue reading Drinking your way to Health the Mexican Way: New Year’s cocktails for Health and Happiness