Editor’s Letter

I have always loved Valentine’s. When I was a kid I would give heart shaped cards to every kid in my class- they said things like ‘you’re the best’ or ‘you’re a super friend.’ As I got older, Valentine’s gestures were reserved for crushes and boyfriends.

If you are single, cupid seems to be having a good laugh at your plummeting self-esteem and if you are in a relationship you are looking at your mate and hoping they will live up to the task of Valentine’s. You hope they will meet your expectations, or the expectations of your friends who will later compare notes on the gift, dinner and how high the romance factor was.

My first Valentine’s in Mexico was a pleasant surprise- a return to the Valentine’s of my childhood. Hugs, cards and little gifts from the women I worked with were given with open hearts and goodwill. In Mexico, Valentine’s isn’t just about romantic love here we celebrate ‘Day of Love and Friendship.’

In this issue our writers explore what it takes to open your heart, how to eat your way into intimacy and about people doing things from the heart like the amazing San Agustinillo library. In our community, the Race for the Red just raised for the Huatulco Red Cross, the Dave Rotundo Band played to raise money for Un Nuevo Amanecer and on February 18th there is the Rotary’s Have a Heart Fundraiser. Lot of loving going on!

As well a Happy 1 Year anniversary to the Huatulco Eye. Thanks you to all our contributors and readers for making it so much fun. This Valentine’s celebrate Mexican style by calling your friends and family and say ‘you’re the best’ or ‘you’re a super friend’, I promise it will make you smile the way you did when you were in grade 3- open heartedly!