Editor’s Letter

By Jane Bauer

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. -Frank Lloyd Wright

Wherever you happen to be reading this, lift your eyes from the page and have a good look around at the space you are inhabiting. From the chair you are sitting on, to the windows, to the next door handle you reach out for; all derive from thought, planning and execution. Each curve is meant to be just so. I recently came across a fabulous online magazine whose tagline is ‘design will save the world.’ Design? Design is often associated with frivolity; fashion design, interior design, something that scoffs at efficiency and practicality. Well that has changed- design really is saving the world; green roofs, chairs made out of plastic bottles, houses made out of used tires and more…

Given a push from the environmental crisis people are more concerned than ever before about their carbon footprint. This issue we salute smart, but beautiful design; a tire house, exquisite pools, public space that is just waiting for you to use it. Fitting that Huatulco just had it’s first Green Expo which showcased a variety of new building materials and alternative energy suppliers. Also in this issue our writer Doreen explores the influence of Mayan design on modern creations and Alvin Starkman shares some favorites spots for Oaxacan art. Welcome spring and keep things beautiful! See you next month,

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