Playa Cacaluta

By Julie Etra

Maguey and Cacaluta Bays and environs have been part of the Fonatur’s master plan before establishment of the Parque Nacional de Huatulco in 1996. When drawing the Park’s boundaries, Fonatur did not include part of Maguey beach and adjacent land, as well as land adjacent to Cacaluta. With utilities, roadway improvements, sidewalks and a new substation out there, you know Fonatur is going to build something. In 2008 they announced their plans for 4,500 rooms, a golf course, condominiums etc. Cacaluta includes one of the most important freshwater wetlands on the coast. Fonatur’s plans have recently received enormous scrutiny and a lot of prominent people, including well known writers, actors, and artists, as well as some politicians. They don’t want to see a huge unsustainable development that contradicts international agreements as well as environmental regulations and they have taken their case to President Peña Nieto.

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