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Word of the Month: Echar

By Julie Etra

Echar is complicated! It is very idiomatic but fun and versatile. There are lots of ways to use this verb.

Common meanings: Throw, launch, toss, drop, throw out

  1. Echar de menos. To miss someone/ Te echo de menos. I miss you
  2. Echarse a perder. To rot/go bad. La leche se echa a perder. The milk is going bad
  3. Echar ganas. Echale ganas! To be motivated, move it, let’s go!
  4. Echar un vistazo. To glance. Le echo un vistazo a Carla
  5. Echar chispas por los ojos. Glare
  6. Echar aguas. Watch out
  7. Echarle porras (a alguien). To encourage someone
  8. Echar hojas: sprout leaves
  9. Echar el ojo: choose

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