Top 5 Mexican Bands You Should Know About!

By Jane Bauer

Los Tigres del Norte

With origins from Sinaloa, Mexico, the band was formed in 1968 when the members were just teenagers. They gained a cult-like following when their lyrics started to portray some of the violence faced in Northern Mexico. The band ranked at number 15 in the list for “The 30 Most Influential Latin Artists of All Time” by Billboard Magazine.

Listen to: Jefe de Jefes

Los Ángeles Azules

With cumbian sounds, this is music you will hear in any village baile throughout the country. The band was formed in 1976 by the kids of the Mejia Avante family. In 2014 they launched a new musical genre, cumbia sinfónica, as they performed their greatest contemporary hits with the Mexico City Symphony Orchestra.

Listen to: ‘El Listón de tu pelo’ with the Mexico City Symphony


The so-called U2 of Mexico, Maná are a pop rock band from Guadalajara that have maintained their popularity since forming in the late 1980s. They have won 4 Grammys and achieved worldwide recognition. They are often considered to be the most successful Latin American band of all time.

Listen to: De pies a cabeza


Formed in 1987 in Mexico City, this rock band is influenced by British new wave and progressive rock with a definite Latino sound. The band broke up in 1995, (several members formed a new band Jaguares). The original band reunited in 2010 to play Coachella. Caifanes continues to play festivals and concerts and are celebrating their 30 year anniversary with a new album.

Listen to: Afuera

Café Tacvba

Formed in the 90s and named for a Mexico City coffee shop (legal reasons forced them to change from Tacuba to Tacvba), this band is heavily influenced by 80s alternative rock bands like The Clash, The Smiths and The Violent Femmes. They have experimented with a variety of styles of music from ska to punk to ranchera and metal- giving their sound a diversity between each album. They have a concert in CDMX on November 23rd.

Listen to: Que no