My Surgery in Huatulco

By Brent May

I often get asked about heath care in Mexico. Typically, my response is generic. In fact, during my last webinar I explained how affordable the care I receive is; however, I explained that my needs are very basic. For example, I receive acupuncture, cupping and a massage once a week, all for a fraction of the price I would pay in Canada. I visit the dentist twice a year and pay wonderfully affordable prices and when I’ve had to visit a doctor for a cold, it is inexpensive as well. My needs are basic but on a warm tropical December morning that changed.

I woke up to find a cyst on my bottom that was sore, swollen, red and did not look good from any angle. Immediately I started to panic. What could be wrong with me, I thought? My thoughts started to race. How should I deal with such a thing?

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.47.26 PMI went straight to see Dr. Paulina Corona, a licensedMD who practices holistic medicine. I really like that she has studied and understands both styles of medicine. Surprised to see me unannounced, she apologized and explained she was on her way to the airport. However, she could see the stress on my face. I explained my situation and she advised I needed to get the cyst drained and cut out immediately by a surgeon. Slightly shocked I asked, “Do we have a surgeon in Huatulco?” Fortunately, her answer was YES, and she explained the location of his office. I was off to find his office.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.47.36 PMI found the surgeon’s office less than 5 minutes away. I had driven by it many times and did not even realize it was there. I approached the receptionist, explained that I had a “mucho problemo” and that Dr. Paulina had sent me. She asked me to take a seat and wait 10 minutes for the surgeon to arrive. I anxiously waited for only about 7 minutes when the surgeon walked through the front door. He took a moment and then called me into his office.

Due to my continued handicap of speaking limited Spanish, we Google -translated some messages to make sure nothing was misunderstood. Next, I was on his operating table, so he could have a look. He advised me that he could take care of the cyst now with some pain or later at the hospital with no pain. I opted to get it done instantly. At that point the receptionist became the surgeon’s nurse and they started on my first minor emergency in Mexico. There was a little pain but overall the surgery was quick and relatively easy. The surgeon went over the care needed and wrote a prescription for medication. Lastly, we made an appointment to get my stitches out and test results back.

What I learned:

The first thing I learned is that we do have a surgeon in Huatulco! I also learned that the care I received was excellent. The process was clean, and it all happened faster than I could have imagined. I was in such shock with how fast that happened that I went back to work until my colleagues sent me home. It was also extremely affordable. I paid 4,000 MXN ($214 USD or $266 CAD) for the minor emergency surgery and 5,000 MXN ($268 USD or $332 CAD) to test the cyst. The other and most important thing I learned is that the cyst was benign, and I continue to have a clean bill of health.

Brent May is a founder of Bayside Real Estate Huatulco.

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