Upcoming Films at Colectivo Tilcoatle

By Kary Vannice

Every month Huaulco’s local Colectivo Tilcoatle sponsors a themed film series. This month (March 2019), the theme is “Springtime in Latin America.” Each Wednesday of the month, at 8:00 PM, one of the selected films is shown at the Colectivo’s center at 410 Chacah in La Crucecita. 

The films are almost always indie, alternative, edgy, and often times foreign. Subtitles are usually in Spanish, if the film is foreign, so be prepared to practice your Spanish comprehension.

There’s no cost to attend the film, but you can make a donation to the Colectivo or purchase a drink while you’re there to support the cause! 

These are this month’s selected films:

March 6th – Los Hongos (The Mushrooms). Every night after his work at a construction site, RAS paints graffiti on different walls of his neighborhood east of Cali, Colombia. One day he loses his job for stealing several jars of paint for his large mural project. Without a penny in his pocket, he goes through the city in search of CALVIN, another young graffiti artist who studies fine arts and takes care of his grandmother. The two begin an aimlessly journey through the city and on the road; like two fungi, they will contaminate their environment of immense freedom. (Movie description translated from http://www.fotogramas.es). 

March 13th – México, La Revolución Congelada (Mexico: The Frozen Revolution). A thorough analysis of the social politics of Mexico, within the historical context of the Mexican Revolution reality. Includes footage from the 1910s, interviews with farmers, politicians, intellectuals, middle class, trade and unionists. (Movie description taken from http://www.imdb.com).

March 20th – X500.  Maria arrives in Montreal from Manila to live with her grandmother and struggles to adapt to her new environment; Afro-Colombian Alex is deported from the US to Colombia, to his old neighborhood now controlled by criminals; David leaves his indigenous village after his father’s death to find work on a construction site in Mexico City. The film follows these three teenagers living in different cities of the Americas yet going through the same experience of grief, migration and transformation. (Movie description taken from http://www.imdb.com).  

March 27th – La Libertad del Diablo (The Devil’s Freedom).  A documentary about the violence in Mexico told through the words of those who have suffered the pain and those who make the pain. (Movie description taken from www.imdb.com).