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Amigos de la Música

Amigos de la Música presents “Following the Rhythm 2022,”, on Friday, December 9th from 6:00p.m. to 11:00 p.m., at the garden of Hotel Om, located on Blvd. Benito Juarez in Chahue, next to the Papaya nightclub.

This is a fundraiser for hosting future musical events in Huatulco. We believe in supporting local and regional musicians and to motivate people to enjoy local artists.

“Following the Rhythm” consists of three musical groups from Huatulco:

  1. The seven-member group Mariachis Viva Mexico represents the marriage of Mexican, European, and African sources that comprise the ever-popular mariachi musical tradition. Mariachis Viva Mexico goes beyond mariachi to perform jarabes, sones, boleros, and popular songs. The group includes two trumpets, two violins, a guitarrón, a guitar, and voices.
  2. The Vibes is a four-person rock band that interprets musical hits from contemporary and classic rock, funk, pop, ska, and reggae. Songs in both English and Spanish make a high-energy, fun show.
  3. Bacaanda, a six-person band, plays a variety of genres – from pop and ballads, to rock and big-band hits, to boleros, cumbia, and salsa – in a unique blend of rhythms, harmonies, and voices.

Amigos de la Musica Guitar Concert

March 18th

By Christina Meyer-Perez


Ten years after its formation, the guitar quartet ¨LIDIUM ¨ is a solid ensemble committed to traditional and concert music. For this quartet, the guitar is more than an instrument of expression; it is, above all, a vital means of communication in our present.

The quartet was created with the intention of promoting art and culture through traditional Oaxacan and concert music by offering a new concept of musical style and character based on the timbre and sonority of four guitars. This idea is conceived by young Oaxacan guitarists, graduates of the School of Fine Arts of the Autonomous University “Benito Juarez” of Oaxaca (UABJO).

The quartet realized with the secretary of arts and cultures of the government of Oaxaca across the program (PACMYC) the recording of his first disc titled ” GUELAGUETZA IN GUITAR PART 1 ” for which it has offered numerous recitals and concerts in different forums, educational spaces and cultural enclosures, also in some regions of the state of Oaxaca; (the Coast, Isthmus, Mixtec, Central Valleys) with the purpose of promoting the essence, importance and transcendence of each piece and musical works that identify them as Oaxacans.

Within these wonderful musical works are integrated into the program of the concert; The Tonaltecas, Flor de piña, sones , syrups mixes, sones de poclutla and the Sones Jarabes zapotecos de Betaza, very outstanding works with own arrangements of the guitarist assembly.

Juan Carlos Bautista Vásquez.
Emmanuel Alejandro Camacho Zárate
Isaías Cruz Bautista
Juan Antonio López Osorio